Who we are

Who we are:

Trinity Waterproofing is an installer of waterproof coatings and architectural sheet metal products in the Western Washington area. We employ a team professionals that have training in; and are factory certified installers of products that are manufactured by the world’s leading coating manufactures.

What we do:

We specialize in waterproofing the Northwest, including but not limited to….

Pedestrian Deck Coatings
Vehicular Traffic Coatings
Under tile systems
Under concrete toping slabs
Retaining vaults
Foundation walls
Vaper barriers
Sheet Metal Building flashings

How We do it:

By working with leading architects and building envelope consultants Trinity Waterproofing has helped design some of the longest lasting and most durable systems available. Warranties ranging from 5 to 25 year.

We use the latest techniques currently available with updated manufacture sponsored training and recommended installation procedures for the most durable products produced. Combined with a core installation crew that has been with the company for more than a decade and our knowledge of product systems, experience of installation and the ability to mobilize and execute creates an end product that is tough to beat.